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[MUSIC PLAYING] Coolers. Hands you can’t get away from. Clashes that can’t be avoided. Kind of lucky, obviously. Collisions you have to watch. Is this a standard deck or just one with all the letters of the alphabet? Straight from the freezer, here’s our top five crazy coolers. A landing hand that results in Tony G being silenced has to be included. At 5, Vanessa Russo has the honor of dealing the icy blow. If you win the hand, you’ll keep me quiet. [LAUGHTER] Don’t believe you.

That bluff I’ll call. That bluff I’ll call. Tony just added unspeakable equity to this pot. Vanessa calls. Tony bombed the flop, which may make Vanessa think he’s on a draw. An ace on the turn. Russo has top set. Hello, nasty. As Tony G would say, ace from space and Vanessa has gone from zero to hero.

Tony G does have a flush draw. 10,000. And bets 10,000. You could shut me right up. How? Well by taking– being– being all in and winning the pot! Punch in the face. I just push a button? That ace dramatically improves Vanessa’s hand, but if she put Tony on spades, he just got there. She just calls. On spade watch. I check. Tony checks in the dark. The river. A sick card, the 5 of hearts. Now you’ve got to show some– some guts. You gonna bet this or are you going to make a really weak check now on the end? Go on, Vanessa, you can do it. For Vanessa, best card ever, full house over full house. All in. Call. Aces full. Wow. Very nice. That’s the best. Very nice.

That’s good. I’ve got a full house too on the end. Wow. And I have a flush draw. See, that’s shutting me up. Well done, Vanessa. Vanessa doubles through. Kind of lucky, obviously. Not really. I mean, it’s– Well we took turns getting lucky. I got lucky to get the aces, you got lucky on the flop, I got lucky on the turn. I haven’t won one hand when I’ve like– I’ve been good so. That silence won’t last long. At 4 is a cooler from somewhere warmer– the Bahamas. At the final table of the 2009 PCA, Alex Gomes thought he was trapping Benny Spindler by slow playing aces.

850,000 out there. Once again, Gomes with aces. Oh my goodness! Quads on the flop don’t ever run bad. Strange. The last time Gomes had aces was against Kevin Saul and three 6’s came on board, he won a big pot. This time, three-of-a-kind’s going to come on board and he’s destined to lose a lot of chips right here. In nine-handed action, Gomes traps Kevin Saul with 6’s full of aces for a huge pot. Now he’s got jacks full of aces, but this time, it’s not the best hand. Well, no, he’s really just completely dead here. And now the question is how is Spindler going to play it? Cut that for me, I want to make sure. 1.3– He’s raising it! He’s wasting no time!

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You know, this is an interesting play here from Spindler. He’s got four-of-a-kind and, you know, popular wisdom would say you should just call it slow play it. But what he’s hoping for here is that his raise looks like a bluff and that Gomes does have a hand like aces, kings, or something along those lines and is going to play for it all. I call. Well he’s just going to call. Now, you know, the funny thing about this is Gomes actually thinks he’s trapping him. Right. He’s thinks he’s slow playing his hand. He’s doing– he’s trying to trap him as he thought he– as he did against Kevin Saul earlier in the tournament. Now Benny Spindler asking for a chip count. 1,350,000 apiece. Let’s see the turn card. Benny can’t really care how much Gomes has, right? It’s just trying to like show weakness if you will, it’s a little bit of a sort of Hollywood move.

Gomes is checking. And that’s poker on a higher level, isn’t it? Yeah, absolutely. Now Gomes is really checking in the hopes that Spindler, you know, is going to bluff at it. As we know, he’s not bluffing, he’s got four of a kind. And Spindler is really taking an aggressive approach to this hand to try to get as many chips in as possible. A big bet once again of 2 million. Pot up to 5 and 1/2 million now. Well this is the opportunity now for either Gomes to be an absolute genius and make the most remarkable lay down we may have ever seen. Don’t bet on that. Or he might just decide, all right. Now’s the time, let’s get all those chips in the middle. I’m all in. Oh, and he does! He’s moving it all in! I call. Call! He’s calling! He’s got four-of-a-kind! Gomes is– ack!

Completely dead. River card is totally irrelevant. Spindler wins a monster pot, eliminating Gomes. He’s up over $16 million in chips now. Stunned! Look at the crowd, they can’t believe it. Pocket aces going down in flames. –one jacks. Alex is drawing– The river now just a formality. Spindler now is going to have a stranglehold on this tournament. You get the feeling it’s going to take Alex Gomes quite a while to shake this one off despite taking home $750,000. Pocket aces forehanded, I mean– you’re suppose to win that pot! Aces cracked in epic style. Well the PCA has seen its fair share of big hands over the years. And in 2016, Phillip McAllister weathered the biggest hand of all.

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So Tedeshi’s all in with a set of queens, but there’s still a monster draw action on the side. The river card. Ace. Ace of hearts, a royal flush for McAllister! No way. 300. Rabah is betting. It doesn’t matter what his cards are, he can’t win. All in. With his royal flush, McAllister shoves on Rabah. I know you are sick, but I don’t know if you’re that sick. He’s not that sick. Flip a coin. Actually, it’s probably best. Oh, look at this baller! Rabah let’s it go. Full or the flush? Oh. No, king-10-clubs, yeah? Royalized. Painful way to bust, but at least they weren’t heads up for the EPT12 Grand Final title. Cue Jan Bendick versus Adrian Allen at number 2. All the chips are going in so quickly, it’s hard to keep track. It started at 525, Bendick made at 1.65 million.

Oh man. Allen flops a set. Ay-yah. Maybe the ace will save Bendick from getting stacked. I mean, they’ve been playing tight enough that I guess, even more so than usual, you might give credit to an ace, but, I mean, this is horrible. You know, I wonder if Bendick slows down now. Allen called pretty quickly. 1.6 million apiece, 6.6 million– Oh boy. A 10 on the turn! Well we said it might take a cooler to end this. This is ballgame. So Bendick checks the turn. Cheeky. Allen bets 1.5 million, a small bet into a huge pot. I would like to point out, by the way, that Adrian Allen is not drawing dead. 2% is 2%. A 1-outer still has a chance. A raise to 4.25 million from Bendick.

Wow. Feeling quite nervous. Just a call. Well, they’re saving it for the river. Complete brick on the river. All in. Bendick shoves. Allen calls and it’s all over! Jan Bendick has won the EPT12 Grand Final! Man, he’s been around forever. Good for him. Yes! The EPT9 Player of the Year. Three-time main event finalist. And on his third occasion, he is a winner! From one Monaco champ to another and our number one crazy cooler– at the Season 11 EPT Grand Final, Adrian Mateos found himself involved in a three way– and not the fun kind. Well we’re heading over to the secondary table where we are on cooler alert. Oh boy. Ivanov opened with 5’s. Pastor, three bet with aces. Decision now on Mateos who’s got queens. That’s not going to be good for business. He forebets. El Asmar, our qualifier has jacks! Wow! He folds! Christopher Frank, All in.

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Shoves with kings! Ah come on, is this a standard deck or just one with all the letters of the alphabet? I didn’t look before. Seriously? Boy, are you going to be happy and then immediately disappointed. Ivanov has folded, it’s own back on Pastor. Yeah, check this out, Johnny Lodden. He reshoves! What does Mateos do now? That. Feels bad, man, but I don’t think if can fold. What a ridiculous hand. Having aces here and have them hold, that’s how you become a grand final champion. How many is that? 500,000. So sick. Sicker than Lucille Astaire on a graviton. Ah, I don’t know. He knows he’s losing in at least one spot, but his odds are also pretty sick. I think I have to call. Mateos calls! With aces? Ohh. I swear– I swear, I’d 4 jacks. I swear.

Cool story, bro. Aces versus kings versus queens! Well, none of the three ones, eh? Six swept for everyone, so deep in the tournament. Even aces aren’t totally safe. Juan Martin Pastor set to triple up. Christopher Frank likely to be eliminated. The flop. 10-4-duece. The turn card. It’s a queen! Aww. I am so, so sorry. Buenos dias, Adrian. And now there’s a 90% chance we lose two players. Mateos goes from worst to first and it’s a double KO! Frank out. Pastor out. That really sucks. That’s never happened. I swear I’d full of jacks. Not now, Hadi. Did any one think aces were going to hold there? Wow. So those are the most talked about crazy coolers. Keep watching for more countdown’s on