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Dodging a disaster. Great lay down from Daniel [INAUDIBLE]. Fading a flip. He does indeed let it go. Going with your gut. Sometimes you just have to let a hand go. These are our top five fantastic folds. Number five is from the EPT11 Malta final table, where Dominic Panka came close to winning his second title on the tour. [INAUDIBLE] [? Monturi ?] had other ideas. But we were impressed with this play from Panka. Panka’s got ten’s in the small blind. Dominic’s going to be three betting here more often than a hypochondriac checks WebMD.

So this is a re-raise to a $850,000. And Monturi’s got queens in the bag. Oh, no. Really bad news for Dominic Panka. Four bet alert. And tens is not a hand you’re going to get away from often in a three-handed game. Nerp. I see Dominic getting away from this less often than Carmen Diego gets away from the gumshoes. So [? Monturi’s ?] made it more than $2 million. [INAUDIBLE] has folded. And now it’s do or die time for Dominic Panka. In this case, probably do and die.

Oh wow! He folds! How did he do that? He’s genuinely either not human or has got a live [INAUDIBLE] the size of the T-1000000. An incredible lady down. I’m speechless. Solid stuff. But we saw the fold of 2015 a month before that, when Danny Parlafes and Ognyan Dimov went heads up for the EPT 11 Deauville trophy. Parlafes with queen, 8 here. He calls. Nah, [INAUDIBLE] in. OK. Dimov has 8, 10 of hearts. Yeah. Just go ahead and touch the chips again with that hand. He checks his option. A 9, 7, deuce flops. Dimov’s up and down. Parlafes ahead for now with queen high. he bets $200k. He seems kind of frustrated. Quick call from Dimov. A 6 on the turn. That’s the straight for Dimov. Remember before, when I was saying Danny Parlafes is running good? Well, now he is running really, really bad. Action goes. Check, check.

Oh, no. A 5 on the river. Parlafes now with the dummy end of the straight. He is running worse than the family from honey boo-boo. Wow. Look at this. Dimov makes a huge over-bet. There was $680,000 in the middle. He’s bet $1.2 million. I mean, Dimov has literally the only hand that Parlafes is losing to. I do not see him folding here. If he folds here, actually, I will take my shirt off, and run around the building. How good can you run? Around the building with my shirt off? Better than the family from Honey Boo-boo. He’s folded! All right. Well, James, if you could verify. The shirt is coming off in honor of Danny Parlafes, who just made an incredible fold.

Folding the second [INAUDIBLE]? Insane. Eight years earlier across the other side of the world, a legend was being created. [INAUDIBLE] left his mark in Macau during season one of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour. The tan rises to $77,000. Pretty good sized raise here. Over to [INAUDIBLE] now. Queen, jack of diamonds. And reaches for chips. Well, certainly a hand good enough to see a flop with, especially when you’ve already got– I raise. Wow. He’s going to raise it. Pretty aggressive play here. Looks like he’s going to raise, yep. Makes it $120,000 more. So Tan now, decision time. He’s put $77,000 in already. $120,000 more. Ace, queen, a very difficult hand to play. Call. He is going to call. So a big pot brewing here. ElkY will have to act first after flop. So Tan has position, and he also has the best hand. And here is the flop. It is queen, 8, 5.

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Well, and a dangerous flop it is. ElkY has to go first. I would imagine he’d have to bet here. No! Wow. He’s going to check. He’s going to set the trap. Looks like he wants to go for the check raise on the flop here. Expecting Tan to bet. Slow playing his top pair. But Tan has the best hand. And Tan bets $210,000. Now we see what ElkY has planned. Big trouble for ElkY here. He checked the flop, looking for some action. Tan bet. What ElkY doesn’t know, of course, is that Tan has him beat, has him dominated. As you can see, just 13% chance to win. He would have to catch a jack or running straight cards. This could be trouble. Wow! And ElkY let’s it go. An amazing read! That is an incredible laydown in this type of situation. To re-raise before the flop, and then check fold on the flop. That might be one of the greatest reads I’ve ever seen.

And six weeks after that final table, ElkY officially achieved legend status by winning the PCA. Now number two on our list from EPT 7 Berlin has the makings of a classic [? Coola. ?] But it finds itself in this countdown thanks to the finely tuned instincts of Mr. Joep van den Bijgaart. An Ace, 9 suited for Joep van den Bijgaart in the big blind. Any chance he squeezes? With the suited ace and the odds he’s getting in the pot, he’s probably going to call. But it wouldn’t be a bad spot with Ben just calling on the button. How much of this? [INAUDIBLE] Maybe alarm bells are ringing that Ben didn’t three bet. Didn’t know he had a call button. Maybe he just wants to see a flop. And what a flop! Ace, 9, deuce with two clubs. Top set for Wilinofsky. Top two pair for van den Bijgaart. And the flush draw for Jeffrey Hakim. He had the pre-flop betting lead. It’s been checked to him.

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Disastrous flop for everybody but Wilinofsky, a Hollywood poker writer couldn’t have scripted this cooler any better. $93,000. Considering he has the board completely crushed, I like a flat call. It conceals the strength of his hand, and it allows for opponents to make mistakes. $193,000. He going to raise. He sticks $100,000 on top. So what does Joep do with top two? Pristine opportunity to re-raise.

He is out of position. He can’t just flat call. He has to raise the price of admission. The show’s about to get expensive. So he three nets to $530,000. He’s stuck in about 1/3 of his stack. Call. Now Hakim can’t call it all off with the flush draw. How much do you have behind? When Wilinofsky gets a count, he may well think that Joep van den Bijgaart has committed himself to this part. And for that reason, he may stick him all in to risk no clubs. Come on. He has shoved on van den Bijgaart. He looks disgusted. I’d be happy. Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Having committed a third of his chips, he’s not meant to pass a hand this strong. He has top two on a board where it’s very difficult for any hand to have him beat. I would already be eliminated from the tournament by now. I’m in the same boat. My chips would have gone across the line, the cards would go on their back. And I would have said, NHGG. Such a big hand, but it can mean anything. How do you put Wilinofsky on a set here? Joep is clearly thinking Ben does not have a bluff in his range. [MUTTERING] He does have aces. He put aces in his range.

Maybe it’s because Wilinofsky just called pre-flop. That makes him think he does have aces. The first time ever that I don’t really know what to do. And I don’t have a good plan. I do that to people. I guess. I hate myself. You will show if I fold? Talking all the time. And now you’re don’t say anything. Interesting read. I’m just not going to answer that question. No, I know. If it makes me feel better though, I don’t hate you. I’m sorry? I don’t hate you. You said you hated yourself. I kind of like you. I don’t like myself. He’s picked up on the fact that Ben has quiet. He’s the chattiest man in poker. And suddenly, he’s gone as still as a statue. He’s laid it down! That is an amazing fold! Van den Bijgaart should feel extremely proud. That is a spot where the majority of poker players would have gone broke. And from number one fantastic fold we head over to the Bahamas. In 2011 two top players were heads up for one of the biggest titles in poker. The title? The PCA Main Event. The players? Galen Hall and Chris Oliver.

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Galen Hall on the button. He’s posted the small blind, and is first to speak. Looks down at 8, 4 off suit. You can widen your range heads up, and raise almost any two cards profitably from the button. He’s made it $450,000. Oliver as ace, deuce in the big blind. He’ll make the call. Chris makes the call. And we will see a flop. The flop has 3, 5, deuce. It’s an up and down straight draw for Hall. Oliver still leads with a pair of 2’s, and a gut shot straight draw. This is a good flop for Hall to continuation bet. Oliver’s checked to him. Hall makes a C bet of $575,000. Oliver won’t be going anywhere. Makes the call. The turn. It’s the two of hearts. Tripped 2’s now for Oliver.

Hall still has the straight draw. Oliver checks a second time. He checks the best turn card in the deck, so Hall can fire again. But Hall checks behind. Hall makes a straight on the river, but Oliver has a full house! The absolute worst card in the deck for Hall as he makes a wheel. How much money is he going to lose is the real question. Oliver sets the trap. He checks to him. What a trap indeed. He’s just praying his opponent has a four as he does. Hall makes a value bet with a straight of $2 million. That is a full pot-sized bet. Now it’s going to be back on Oliver. He is contemplating exactly how much he can check raise. Galen Hall has 9 and 1/2 million chips behind. There are 4 million chips in the pot. Chris Oliver shoves on Galen Hall. He’s trying to end it here. As wild as Oliver is, it’s still highly unlikely he ever shows up with a stone cold bluff. Can Galen Hall get away from this? Only if he dismisses the idea of Oliver turning missed diamonds or a pair into a bluff, and interprets this all in over-bet as a pure value bet to end it all. That is a large bet. Large? It’s twice the pot. If Galen Hall calls here with a straight, the tournament is over. And Chris Oliver has won the 2011 PCA. Oliver’s image is telling Hall to call, call, call. But something in his gut is telling him it doesn’t add up, it’s not right. And he makes the lay down! Galen Hall gets away from the strait! That is an amazing fold! Since he realized he was chopping the pot at best, he cut his losses and made a spectacular fold. Spoiler alert. Galen Hall went on to win. Well, those are our top five fantastic folds. For further fantastic finds, head to PokerStars.TV.