How to Always Win Sports Betting | 5 Step Guide You Must See.

do you want to know how to always win sports betting if you do this is the only video you’ll ever need to watch there are no others like it so give it a chance to get going because i guarantee you will not regret it this video doesn’t contain any bs and i’m not going to hold anything back so please return the favor tap that like button down below and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel once you see the value unfolded cheers oh and also this is not about match betting or arbitrage this is purely about winning sports betting quick disclaimer before we get started though

this is not to glamorize betting this is just to show you and everybody else a way in which anybody can beat the bookmakers over and over again repeatedly okay now they don’t like this so after a short while they will limit or restrict your betting account just to be aware of that it’s not illegal and they will pay out but i think it’s important to mention that they will restrict your account in some way after a while unfortunately that’s just a fact but by the end of these five steps you’ll understand why so before i show you how to game the system and consistently win i want you to understand why this works and why it’s so different to what the media channels and pundits tell you to focus your attention on you see the tv channels form guides newspapers are all part of the betting industries illusion they divert your attention away from

what really matters in order to make money from you the viewer i mean what’s more important the players form or the price of their bet these two statements give a very clear answer first of all tv channels pundits affiliates etc direct your attention towards form whereas the bookmakers make their money from and pay those tv channels and affiliates from the prices that they offer but it doesn’t just stop there it applies to the events that you choose to bet on too so the tv channels bookies affiliates and social media and so forth will often send you to events where there’s poor value and you’re far less likely to win because of that poor value rather than sending


you to places where the sports book may have got their pricing incorrect so i’ll show you exactly where and lay out in these five steps in just a second but to highlight what i’m trying to say here paddy power offers usa horse racing of an evening on their sports book where the prices are often wrong as are the prices on greyhounds with multiple providers but what you really need to get around into your head here is that winning on sports betting is not about picking the winner it’s about getting the right price and then letting variance do the hard work for you as explained on a previous video betting strategy will put on the screen here that was previously published on the channel last year now if that’s lost you look at this brief excel explanation on sc

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reen here if there’s a 50 chance of something happening it’s odds are as follows any bets that you strike above that price is your overall margin so sure the next bet might not come in it might not be the winner in your favor but overall a wider sample of bets means that you come out on top and you always win through taking value in the marketplace it’s extremely simple in theory but the harder part is finding those odds which are above their true value because bookmakers and sportsbooks are doing the complete opposite and offering you odds far below their true value in the alternate direction effectively giving you shorter odds than the probable chance of something happening which is where these five steps come into things so here we go let’s get on with it run through them on screen with some examples starting with step one which is looking in the right place now obviously i can’t give you an arbitrary date and time this is going to happen so we can go one better than that and i’ll tell you the places where and why it happens so you know usa horse racing paddy power already mentioned that lots of different providers on greyhounds and that’s because it’s a fast-moving marketplace there’s often lots of changes and it’s less interest for them and their traders and their trading room so you can pick up on the changes before they do and skin them for it

so if we’re talking about horse racing you want to look at the lower quality horse races particularly on all weather maybe later in the evening places like dundalk if we’re talking about football you want to look at the far lower leagues the less interesting events or they’ll be honest with you it can be a little bit tricky on football because there’s less opportunities for this greyhounds is a brilliant one because there’s races every few minutes particularly in the evening in the summer and a lot of the time they’re not focused and dialed in on that but the point here is they are not focused on the event as much as the general public is not focused on the event and it is a fast-changing marketplace now that seems really simple you’ll see in a moment with an example but that is an extremely powerful thing to know and focus on the second step is a direct comparison and we’ll show you one on screen here so you have betting exchanges and sports books exchanges very close to the starting time at start and time in particular is even better uh there is the wisdom of crowds there’s thousands of people placing bets against each other and therefore that’s the closest you’re going to get to the true value of true price of something so if you can find a direct comparison where the sports book odds are bigger than the exchange odds then that is to your favor the bigger the disparity the better and therefore the bigger the disparity between the two the larger you should stake so look at this example on screen here with the greyhounds the prices have changed very quickly and we’re managing to back the greyhound at a price it previously

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was far bigger price despite the price crashing late on now there is a little bit more to this as we’re going to discuss in step three which is be in the line so we’ve found this situation where there’s fast moving odds on a you know relatively obscure event that the bookies are not keeping their eye on and we’re going to get a value bet on however we are also looking for significant volume on the selection very close to or at the start of the event or the starting time for the events you can see this one on the screen here uh on BETDAQ we backed it on sportsbook odds of 3.75 the starting price was actually 3.0 a very similar one that was over on bet365 we got to back it at 7 and it went off nearer to 5.5 so you can see that there’s a significant gamble or there’s a little bit flurry of money coming down on this selection it has shortened in odds significantly and we’ve got a far bigger price than what it was actually valued at the start which takes us nicely into step four which is the confirmation so when you see these confirming signals that’s when you want to hit them harder so like i say the bigger the disparate in the odds the bigger the gamble the closer it is to the start preferably on the start or even if it’s slightly delayed after the start they are three ticks in our box and that’s when we place a bet over the longer period of time you will emerge a consistent winner when you do that now the biggest problem for anybody that should try this is bankroll because there is gonna be a sequence of losing events at some point in time it’s like flicking the coin you’re gonna have heads tails heads heads heads for so many rows however if you take value on those bets over a period of time that are being bet at their best point in time where they’re closest to their true odds or true value then you will emerge a winner you’ll be stunned at how many times these types of situations happen on multiple different sports it could be cricket tennis uh it could also be horse racing like i said the all weather events but greyhounds is the example here because it’s a very easy and clear one on screen but you’ll be amazed at how often this actually happens and last of all this takes us on to step five so understanding the process understanding the why is extremely important and then repeating this over a longer sample okay so you’ve got to allow variance to play out with that probability allow those losers to happen allow the winners to happen and see the difference track it ideally on spreadsheet excel something like that and realize that that is part of the process so although you remain always a winner over the longer term there will be some losses on route but what you’re doing there is quite sensible calculated and you’re understanding that short-termism isn’t the way in which that you win through sports betting now also one last thing just to add in there as well is you’re gonna need some different accounts with different bookmakers different sports books i’m not a condoning multi-accounting but you’re gonna need to do that because in the modern world a large problem for any anybody who’s a professional better or trader is avoiding the losing of accounts and the various commissions that you rack up on route because these providers don’t want to keep shelling out they don’t want to keep paying you they were there to make money from you not to give it to you okay so i’ve given away something absolutely massive there and i appreciate not everybody will have got it first time around so you may need to go back re-watch the video to digest it fully but please remember i’ve given this away for free on youtube so repay the favor by tapping the like button down below subscribing to the channel and checking out one of these videos in the end screen here so we’ve got two videos which are directly related to this video first one is about betting strategy previously mentioned the second one is about match betting a different method which anybody can use to follow steps in order to turn bookmakers promotional offers into withdrawable cash thanks for watching check them out

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