How Barney Curley Made +£2 Million Betting on Horse Racing in One Day | Yellow Sam Coup

this is barney curly an outspoken yet somewhat private betting legend that is best known as the mastermind behind yellow sam the largest betting coup in irish history a stunt that in 1975 netted the equivalent of two million pounds in profit in one day it wasn’t the only time he did it though with other significant gambles as late as 2010 and 2014. but how was he the working man’s champion or a cunning trickster that found a way to gain the system curley wasn’t afraid to call out the media when he thought they’re wrong but at the same time openly admitted keeping those close to him in the dark about what he was doing this rags to riches tales started in 1939

in northern ireland where he was the first of six born into what can only be described as an underprivileged lifestyle at an early age he had regularly walked to school barefoot his father was a greyhound trainer and gambler which was often the source of many financial problems for the family maybe these experiences explain his choices later in life in his early 20s he battled tuberculosis and found himself working as a pop group manager although he never really found the break he so wanted it was on the 25th of june 1975 that this shrewd operator would find his very first number one hit this was of course the day of the yellow sam betting coup

yellow sam was a rather average horse who shared his father’s racetrack nickname the coup was meticulously planned well in advance leaving bookies scared of him decades later bellewstown racecourse was the venue and with specific reason at the time there are only two phone lines to the track a private line used by extel a company that forwarded data and prices onto the betting shops from the track and a public line from a now famous telephone box planning for this feat had begun long before the race where yellow sam had been run over a series of unfavorable conditions presumably to ensure the horse was under handicapped in a race that would be ideal for an easy win next curly arranged for six to seven of his most trusted associates to be waiting for a phone call around about 2 50 pm in

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the afternoon 10 minutes before yellow sam was due to run each of those contacts had a further 10 to 20 contacts primed with cash ready to place bets at off-course bookmakers at this point nobody knew what was about to happen he knew that the volume bets that were going to be struck on yellow sam at a price of 20 to 1 would drastically reduce the price and payout of a potential win so he was already one step ahead the private telephone line was unoperational on the lead up to the race presumably it had already been cut so any information that needed to be passed on would have to happen via the public telephone at ten to three he made the call and his army of runners began tactically placing bets sizing between 50 pounds and 300 pounds all around the country the total stake was 15 000


knowing the only remaining phone line to and from the race course was via public telephone it arranged for a friend benny o’hanlon to put a last minute emergency phone call in to a dying aunt on a non-existing hospital the line was well and truly jammed supposedly the call lasted for 30 minutes ending after yellow sam’s two and a half length victory the reported winnings were in excess of three hundred thousand which adjusted to today’s money is more than two million pounds barney had well and truly beaten the bookies that he so hated because of this event alone bookmakers changed their operating policies shortly after say that punters who wish to place a bet of a hundred pounds or more had to do so at least 30 minutes before the race curley’s actions were continuously under scrutiny from this point onwards he hated the racing authorities and believed they were biased

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favoring big operators something that still goes on with modern bettors today although it appears this man was well ahead of his time this was something he said when he complained about bookmakers walking to a bookie shop and tried to have a 500 pound bet a 10 to 1 chance and a phone call to headquarters later you’re out the door still clasping your 500 pound three or four million people bet on horse racing every day bookies love the fiverr tenor and 20 pound cannon fodder but don’t like anything else like a boxer with a glass jaw they’re not willing to take a hit all bookies want to do is recycle dull money and take their rake off and you can’t really argue with that online restrictions are now commonplace as you’ll have seen from other videos on this channel that isn’t the end though because this out of the box thinker went on to become a trainer having his first winner at nice in 1984 and repeating similar betting coups multiple times throughout his career many of which remain unconfirmed although barney himself said on record that he’s been burgling races since 1992 and will do anything to beat the layers except fixed races naturally these words always come with a caveat of being within the rules legally in an interview with nick and luck on racing tv curly explained that employees were kept in the dark with the utmost secrecy to avoid coups being detected the yard had a zero tolerance policy on any infringements in 2010 curly was involved in a coup that took between two million and four million pound from bookmakers on three horses it’s reported that if the fourth had won the bookies would have been staring at a 20 million pound loss and in 2014 again layers were taken for another 2 million pound in what was believed to be a plot on horses trained by former curly staff some 39 years after yellow sam it’s not all about taking money though in recent years curly has spent millions improving health and education for the underprivileged in zambia with his charity dafa founded in 1996 a year after his 18 year old son died in a car crash no doubt he’s been a marmite character ruthlessly taking and sailing close to the wind in some instances whilst giving generously and selflessly in others sadly barney curly passed away earlier this week at the age of 81 following a battle with cancer for me personally his runners were the source of some awesome trades over on the betting exchanges the fear attached to this man’s runners was crazy it would show itself in the marketplace in the prices over and over again the man was truly a legend so if you found this video interesting or insightful at all please take two seconds just to tap the like button down below subscribe to the channel for future content and check out another video here in the end screen

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