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so this week’s question comes from billy joe who asks uh have you got any tips on football accumulator bets are threefolds better on bigger bets or would you prefer to do a tenfold on smaller money so thank you for the question there billy joe i think this is one that’s relevant to a lot of people a wider audience out there so in this video i’m going to do my best to provide as much value as possible share some stuff on screen with you about football accumulators or even any accumulators on any sport the truth behind them and my perspective as a pro of 10 years on the betting exchanges i think it will surprise some of you to be quite honest i’ll also explain

how i’d approach accumulate a betting with all the things that i know showing you some mathematical stuff on screen but before i do please if i can just ask you to tap the like button down below providing you find this video useful of course by the end as it incentivizes us to create more quality content thank you okay so way back when before i got involved in sports markets professionally i used to have a little accumulator too but that was before i understood what i’m about to show you on screen now so i’m going to explain in simplistic terms the problem with placing accumulators so i’m going to use betfair as an example we’re going to use both the sports book and the exchange within this example but it’s really quite clear

when it’s laid out like this so when you place an accumulator there obviously that means to place a bet on you know several different outcomes simultaneously one after the other in order to receive a larger return than you would of a standard bet because the odds are far bigger so in our example here if we take uh football matches premier league and we go with let’s just go with all the draw outcomes um for simplicity so we’ll go less liverpool draw crystal palace burnley man city tottenham and we’ll do brighton villa as well so that populates all our selections on the best slip over on the right um and we’ve got four fold down the bottom here which is obviously the accumulator uh for argument’s sake i’m gonna put ten pounds there so you see for these four uh four results um in an accumulator the total return is 1905 pounds which is inclusive of our 10 pound stake also so we can take that off the total if you like so that might not seem too bad on the initial outset and placing an accumulator we’re in fraction awards here which can be a little bit confusing and a little bit harder for you know

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the human brain to process instantly when looking at it so we’re going to go down to the bottom and select decimal odds then if you know that’s possible in the sports book there and that’s going to put the bet slips in decimal format now it’s no different you can see that the result is still 1905 pounds 75 so when you place in lots of different outcomes on an accumulator like this it’s actually amplifying the sports books margin into that now if we were to take a direct comparison which i’m going to do on the screen now between the exchange for those outcomes you’d get a very different result so very quickly we need a calculator to calculate

this because you can’t place an accumulator or a multiple on betfair’s exchange so we’ll select the betfair tab and we’ll get those same matches less than liverpool draws 3.75 palace burnley’s 3.25 and city tottenham 6 and villa bryan is 3.55 now if i bring a calculator onto the screen i’m going to times all of those odds by each other to give the overall accumulators odds so 3.75 times by 3.25 times by 6 times by 3.55 very simple this gives us the overall accumulators odds so if i times that by the 10 pound stake you’ll see that we would be returned a total of 2595 on the exchange odds so when we compare that to the sports book odds that’s a pretty big difference 1900 quid or 2595 okay and that’s because on the sports book odds there’s the margin factored into the pricing all very simple but i don’t think a lot of people that place accumulators regularly realize this is what’s going on and this is why sports books like accumulators so much this is also why affiliates like placing accumulators and you’ll see a lot of them on social media so much because there’s a huge margin factor into the pricing which obviously means profit for them coming out of your pocket now unfortunately

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this is just the truth um when sort of researching for this video i went over onto the twitter to find a couple of examples of affiliates who push accumulators regularly namely in particular the the handle footy of and they’re saying that they’ve blocked me on twitter and i actually have no idea why i’m blocked by that other than the fact that i talk the truth about these kind of instances online occasionally i think in a nutshell that just reinforces everything i’m trying to say here so accumulators can be a little bit like a you know well they’re more of a gamble than anything else now the more selections you have on your accumulator the more the problem if you like or the margin is multiplied against you so in answer to your original question there uh it would be better to have less selections if you are going to do an accumulator because your payout is far closer to the true probability of it actually happening although you should still remember that that margin is factored in there also however it’s not all doom and gloom because if you’re able to find betting odds that are actually larger than their probability of happening you can multiply your accumulator potential profit in the alternate direction so we’ve got a good video on the channel about that and about betting strategy which we’ll put here we’ll put a link in description down below i’d highly advise checking that out after this video so how would i approach placing an accumulator as you’re asking the question there if i was to do so and then first of all because of the reasons

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i’ve just explained that i think it’s quite unlikely that i would ever do that i don’t see the reason i would be interested in doing that finding odds that are greater than their true value is hard enough let alone to find several outcomes where that is the case now the exchange would also be my go-to for placing that bet and i would place each leg individually one after the other at the exchange odds so i got those bigger prices instead of placing it over sportsbook yes i know it’s a convenience thing that’s what they’re praying on there that’s how they make more and more money from the end user being itself so just be highly aware of that if you’re looking to place a football accumulator in the coming weeks aside from that if i was placing an accumulator on the exchange leg by leg there i think what i would probably do is use something like a match betting calculator or something like that profit russia or any other site just to calculate the outcomes and the potential of laying it off so we can kind of like hedge and create some insurance inside our bet as it unfolds all of this of course makes it more complicated takes up more of your time um and is a little bit more in depth given all the time that’s factored into it um the effort and the complexity um in relation to the likely returns i think to be quite honest with you that is the open you know truthful reason why i you wouldn’t really catch me placing accumulator bets and i have no interest in them there’s far easier ways for me to earn money from betting online so that rounds up football accumulate a bit in if you found it useful please don’t forget to tap that like button down below subscribe to the channel and leave a question of your own for following week’s q a