Best Football Prediction Site for Premier League (2021/2022 Season)

predicting the outcome of a football match ahead of time can be tricky business especially when you consider some of the freak occurrences that happen just like last season when sheffield united went 2-0 ahead of man utd just into the second half before conceding three goals to then only draw three all in the 90th minute so in this week’s upload i want to make you a deal you watch this video all the way to the end and i’ll share with you the best statistical resource

i’ve found for football prediction why that is which features you want to be using and how you want to be thinking about using them for the coming season by the end you’ll have everything you need to spot up and coming trends way ahead of your friends so you can’t definitely predict future 100 of the time that’s just the truth however you can improve your prediction for future events by looking at past trends the more recent and relevant the information is the better so in this video i want to go through two main areas in play live information and pre

and post match statistical analysis so info goal is the number one resource that i’m going to recommend here we’ll put a link in the description down below it’s only been around a few years but already it’s way better than a lot of the other resources you’ll find out there and of course it’s free now they offer quite a lot on this site they’ve got in play live stats scores results uh individual statistics team statistics all sorts now we’re going to go through the important ones in just a second but i want to suggest their most important feature is one that you can’t actually see

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and that is that the whole site is built around scientific data modelling things like expected goals and factual information rather than opinion which is what you get a lot of elsewhere so first up then in play football predictions what do we need most of all well as i’ve already mentioned we need live and current information that’s clearly laid out and updated as quickly as possible shot maps are perfect for this because they allow us to see what’s been happening on pitch with some statistical value based on large data sets of what’s previously already happened displayed

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in such a way that the naked eye can’t actually see all within a few seconds of it happening on pitch now when you think about in play football prediction this is absolutely crucial because it gives you clear definable data that displays exactly what’s happened it’s black and white taking away that emotional element that can often get caught up in your own personal perception as you watch the game unfold now the easiest way to find value in a football match is to compare the current situation recent form with overall averages and trends from the past so for example if the average goal time for a particular team is 43 minutes into a match but the current match is still in play at 67 minutes and there hasn’t yet been a goal but the in-play

statistical data shows us the team is on form they’re playing in line with their potential they’ve got the xg that is expected then it’s fair to assume there’s an increased chance of there being a goal soon making your in-play football prediction more accurate than it would have been at the start of the match now i’m sure you can appreciate that’s quite a simple example but the important points are the comparison between the two and the factual data that’s supplied to us instantly now if you’re not familiar with xg then we’ve got a separate video about this on the youtube channel check it out we’ll put that in the description down below too as

it can be quite a complex topic in the short term it’s not a perfect science just yet and it’s improving all the time so it’s an up and coming one to keep your eye on so next up let’s take a look at pre-match football prediction and data over historical performances in the past but before we do i’d like to ask you a favor if you find this video useful or interesting please consider tapping the like button down below and subscribing for future updates now this part is absolute gold when it comes to picking the right matches for your predictions so pretty much football statistics play a heavy part in it following on from the previously mentioned xg it’s

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important to mention the infogol also got xg fairness ratings which show you the difference between the representative xg score in a match and the actual score in the map it’s not all about xg though because you can go back and look at any match in the past historically and see all of the data we’re talking about possession attempts on target attempts off target block shots saves passes completed passes corners offsides fouls the whole lot and in addition all that information is stored in line with the current lineup so you can see that down the bottom of the page there another useful way to view the information is if you click on the team’s name at the top there then you can see their previous historic performances against other alternate teams also you’ve got player information down the bottom so you’ve got player statistics on a personal player level to show you whether they’re performing in line with their overall ability now the last couple of things i really want to show you are the slope graphs and heat maps so these relatively new additions that can really help you out with your pre-match prediction so first off slope graphs provide us with simulated league positions based on various data so first of all on the left you can see expected position this is based on points a team was expected to build up from their current season’s performance so far in the middle you’ve got the actual current position being where they are right now and then on the right you’ve got the forecast position which is based on their current points underlying xg statistics and historical performance to then simulate results for their remaining games showing us where they’re likely to be at the end of the season so as you can see that slope gives us a visual that shows us if they’re currently under or over performing in line with their xg data looking at this one you can quite clearly see that southampton were actually underperforming compared to their expected data and forecast position now as you can appreciate it’s quite hard to pinpoint an exact position as to where they should be so this is why we have the heat maps that show the uncertainty in the current forecast position on the slope graph it provides us with a range of accuracy based on probability the darker the plotted points are the more certain the team is to finish in that position and the lighter the less certain so for example in this one everton had an extremely high probability of coming seventh which is fair because they did that season whereas on the other hand man city were predicted to come between second and sixth and they came third now this shouldn’t be used as a definitive conclusion for your pre-match football prediction but these tools do provide different ways to interpret large amounts of factual data that we wouldn’t have able to do so previously in the past as a single person making your football predictions more accurate pre-game going into the future i hope they put in more features to display the time at which goals were scored so you can filter them as a group identifying where the average score times will be now if you’re looking to improve your football prediction for the purpose of betting i’d advise watching this football betting strategy in the end screen here after you’ve liked this video

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